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6 Keys to a Great Bachelor Party and Finding the Best Bachelor Party Venue
If you’re planning a bachelor party for the groom, we understand how important it is for the groom to enjoy his special celebration!
The bachelor party (or stag party) is one of the most popular pre-wedding celebrations.  You’ve probably even seen a couple of movies about bachelor parties, such as The Hangover, so you know what not to do.

Here’s a helpful guide with many bachelor party ideas to simplify planning and help you find the best bachelor party venues!
1.  Location
Where would the groom like to have his party?  Does the groom want a local or destination bachelor party?
Popular bachelor party locations include country clubs, restaurants, hotel resorts, night clubs, and casinos.  What type of location will fit the groom’s personality and style?
If you’re hosting the party locally, which area near the city or just outside the city does the groom prefer? 
2.  Bachelor Party Guest List and Budget
As you’re preparing the party guest list, check with the groom to ensure you’ve included all guests.
You can then figure out how large a party venue will be needed and, if necessary, what types of accommodations you’ll need for the group.  You can filter party locations by group size on HelloRSVP.  Click “Guests” on the top left above the search results.  To filter by location type, such as golf courses, click “Filters” and select from the drop-down menu.
Next, put together a budget with all the items, including event space rental costs, food, drinks, day and night activities, transportation, and party accessories like custom celebration t-shirts.  If you’re the best man and will be splitting the costs with other groomsmen, decide on the budget together and note who’ll be responsible for which items.
When you’re booking event spaces and speaking with vendors, let them know your budget, so they can work with you to accommodate your budget and provide additional options. 
Budget-Friendly Tips
Ask event venues and vendors if they offer bachelor party packages.
Some key questions to ask the venue:

  • What are the per person food and beverage costs? (If you meet a certain food and beverage minimum, some restaurants and event spaces will waive the rental fee.)

  • Are we allowed to use an outside caterer or bring our own food?

  • Are chairs, tables, plates, and silverware provided? (If party is not being hosted at a restaurant.)

  • What are the policies on liquor?

  • Is loud music allowed?  If so, until what time?

  • How much is the deposit for the space?

  • How much are the tax and service charges?

3.  Choosing a Date
Consider which days of the week would work for your party guests.  If you’re hosting a destination bachelor party or if attendees are from out-of-town, then if possible, it might be helpful to host it during a holiday weekend.
Bachelor parties can be held at least one to four weeks before the wedding.  We recommend at least two weeks before the wedding.  Also, check to see that the date does not overlap with other pre-wedding celebrations for the couple.
Have some additional dates for more flexibility if booking an event space.
4.  Event Themes and Colors
When planning activities for the party, think first about the groom’s interests, hobbies, and passions.  If you want more ideas for activities, consider choosing a party theme.  It could be as simple as a sports or wilderness theme, then daytime activities could center around that theme.  Or it could be a casino, Hollywood, or Hawaiian-themed bachelor party.
For decorating ideas, you can also choose a few colors to serve as the color theme for decorations and invitations.  You can choose just two colors, such as silver and gold. 
5.  Great Ideas for Activities and Transportation

  • Attend a sports game, like a football or baseball game.  Think about what sports the groom likes to watch.

  • Go golfing

  • Play football

  • Bowling

  • Go-karting

  • Skiing

  • Paintball

  • Pool party at a hotel or beach club

For activities, especially during sports-related ones, it is wise to limit alcohol consumption to prevent injuries. 
Other social activities

  • Poker or other card games

  • Pub crawl or bar-hopping (We recommend selecting bars and lounges that are within walking distance of one another.)

  • Beer tasting at craft breweries

  • A hip or upscale nightclub (Check with the nightclub if you are bringing a large group.)

  • Lunch or dinner cruise

  • Go to a comedy club or jazz club

  • Camping – can combine this with sports activities

  • Video game night

For transportation, you can rent a limo or party bus if you have activities at multiple locations.  Also, if not using taxis or rideshares, ensure there’s a designated driver for the group.
It’s also important that you get the groom’s input on what activities he’s comfortable with.  Even if the groom wants to be surprised, it’s important to get some feedback about guidelines.
If you are the best man or one of the groomsmen, make sure the groom has fun and take care of him.  See to it that he arrives to the bachelor party and back home to his door safely.
6.  Invitations
For invitations, we recommend including the following details:

  • Name of host(s), groom’s name, date, and time.

  • Location, directions, and transportation options

  • E-mail, phone, or address for guest reply and questions.  Include a date for guests to RSVP by.  You can also ask them to note any dietary restrictions.

It also helps to assign a contact person to answer any questions when guests RSVP.
We hope you found these tips useful.  Happy Bachelor Planning and Partying!

If you have any questions about planning a bachelor party celebration or finding a great party event space, we’re here to helpSearch and find places to host your celebration on HelloRSVP.