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What You Need to Know to Find a Ballroom for Your Event
Are you looking for a ballroom for your wedding, corporate event, or party?  We break down the key things you need to know to find a ballroom for your event.
Where to find a ballroom for your event
Hotels are a popular choice if you’re searching for a ballroom.  Large and mid-sized hotels typically have multiple ballrooms to choose from.  Some hotel ballrooms will have an adjoining a space, such as an atrium, that can be used as a cocktail reception area.
There are also venues that are primarily a ballroom event space – these are great for graduation parties, awards ceremonies, weddings, and corporate events.  You can also find ballrooms at wedding facilities, private clubs, and country clubs.
To help you narrow down the choices, consider whether you want a formal or more casual setting.    
Set a budget and prepare tentative guest list
Try to envision your event, what are the must-haves?  Are you looking to create a specific mood?      
Also, think about what type of food and beverages will be served.  Will it be a sit-down banquet or a buffet reception?
Set a budget for your event must-haves and all associated costs, including ballroom rental cost, food, beverages, entertainment, and decorations.
Make a list of the guests or group of guests that will be invited, so you can get a picture of how large the room needs to be.  Many site coordinators will request an estimate of the number of guests in order to prepare their pricing proposal.
You’ll want to let the site coordinator know your budget – many are willing to work with you to help you meet your budget and event goals.
When scheduling your event, think about your guests and which dates would work best.  Prepare some backup dates or times, just in case the ballroom you want has already been booked or if you’re working with a limited budget.
Location, Ambience, and Decor
Next, think about the location’s accessibility for your guests.  Will the location be easy to get to?  Is it near public transportation?  Are there convenient parking areas to accommodate the number of guests attending?
Consider how the existing decor can complement or enhance your event.  For weddings, ballrooms with chandeliers and special lighting can visually enhance the setting and the mood. 
If you want to decorate the room, venues will have different policies about decorations.  Check with the venue coordinator about policies on what decorations are or are not allowed. 
Ballroom Setups and Layouts 
Ballrooms are versatile and large event spaces.  They can accommodate many types of setups, such as banquet (seated), reception (standing), theatre-style seating, classroom, and seated with dancing (dinner dance). 

Other factors to consider for setup: 

Do you have entertainment for your event?  For example, will there be a photo booth?  Also, will you need a stage, dance floor or audio visual equipment?  Are additional serving stations or tables needed?
We recommend that you review the activities that you are planning for your event.  Then, make a note of what you will need and where the items will be placed in the room.  You can ask the site coordinator how similar past events have set up the room for ideas.  Also, ask about setup and clean up start times.
The setup you select will impact room capacity.  For example, reception and theatre-style setups can accommodate more people than a seated banquet dinner setup.
On HelloRSVP, you can filter and find ballrooms that fit your desired room layout by clicking on “Filters” near the top right of the search results.
Once you’ve selected the setup for your event, keep a copy of your layout to use for planning your event.  You can use it to label where you will put additional tables and which tables your guests will be seated at.
Food and Beverage

Useful questions to ask the site coordinator:

  • How much per person are the food and beverage costs?  Is there a food and beverage minimum?

  • Can we use outside catering or bring our own food? 

  • Does the room rental include plates, silverware, tables, and chairs?

  • What are the tax and service fees?

If your guests have any dietary restrictions, let the site coordinator know.  It's also helpful to arrange for a sample tasting of the food to finalize menu choices.  

Booking a ballroom for your event
You’ll need to put in a deposit and sign a contract.  When signing the contract, make sure that you are guaranteed that specific ballroom for the date you booked.

Want more help in choosing a ballroom for your specific event?  Please feel free to let us know.  We’re here to help you find the best ballroom for your event!