Bridal Shower Venues

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How to Find the Best Bridal Shower Venue and Party Ideas
If you’re looking for a bridal shower venue, we’re excited to help you find one that you and your guests will love.  
We’ve put together all the elements for planning a great bridal shower to share with you!
1.  Location and Type of Shower
When looking for an event space to host a bridal shower, you’ll need to think about the type of shower you’d like to hold.
First, think about what the bride would like.  What location and type of shower would be a fit for the bride’s personality and style?
Popular places for holding the event include hotels, restaurants, lounges, or country clubs.  Other elements include:  whether you want an indoor or outdoor space and which area of the city you want to hold the celebration.
Consider what kinds of food and beverages will be served at the party, which will also determine the type of event space that you will need.  Will it be a brunch celebration or a dinner party?
Will food be served buffet style?  Other ideas include hosting a potluck, barbecue, or tea party. For dessert, popular items include an assortment of cupcakes, cake pops, or a traditional cake. 
2.  Guest List and Budget
When preparing the guest list for the bridal shower, check with the bride to make sure you’ve included all guests.
You’ll then be able to figure out how large a space you will need and provide an estimated guest count to the venue.
Next, put together a budget with all the items, including event space rental costs, decorations (such as balloons, floral arrangements, and centerpieces), food, drinks, party favors, and entertainment that you will need.  If you are splitting the costs among the bridesmaids, decide on the budget together and then note who will be responsible for which items.
When speaking with venues, let them know your budget, so they can work to accommodate your budget.  Also, will you need them to provide any audio-visual equipment, such as sound equipment?
Budget-Friendly Venue Rental Tips
If you’re looking to lower the rental costs, you can look at unique spaces such as art galleries, tea rooms, and lofts to host your party. 
Here are some key questions to ask the venue:

  • What are the food and beverage costs per person? (Many restaurants and event spaces will not charge a rental fee if you meet a certain food and beverage minimum.)

  • Can we use an outside caterer or bring our own food?

  • Will chairs, tables, plates, and silverware be provided? (This applies if you are not hosting the celebration at a restaurant.)

  • What are the policies on decorating the venue?

  • How much is the deposit to reserve the space?

  • What are the tax and service charges?

  • Are there restrictions on music volume?

  • When does setup start and when does cleanup begin?

3.  Choosing a Date
When choosing a date, think about which days of the week would work for your guests.
Many people throw a bridal shower at least two to four weeks before the wedding.  Also, make sure the date does not overlap with other wedding celebrations for the bride.
Have some alternate dates and times for the shower to allow for more flexibility when booking a space.
4.  Theme and Colors
For bridal shower themes, think about the bride’s interests, hobbies, and passions.  Are you looking to throw a formal or casual celebration?  For a formal event, you might consider having a red carpet or Hollywood theme.  Or how about a tropical island theme, such as a Hawaiian-themed party?
It also helps to choose a few colors that will serve as the color theme for decorations, invitations, and party favors for guests.  You can choose romantic colors, such as pink and gold.  Or you can even choose a pairing of the bride’s favorite colors. 
5.  Invitations
For invitations, you can include the following information:

  • Name of host(s), bride’s name, date and time, and theme.

  • Location and directions

  • E-mail, phone, or address for guest reply and questions.  Include a RSVP date for guests.  Also, you can ask them to note any dietary restrictions.

To help with planning, you can choose a contact person to answer any questions when guests RSVP.
6.  Useful Bridal Shower Ideas
Have guests share memories about the bride and/or groom in a guest book at the celebration.  Also, have a photographer capture memories of the pre-wedding special occasion!
Games are a great ice-breaker and they can include contests and “how well do you know the bride” trivia questions.  Prizes can be given to the winners.
During the party, music is a great way to set the mood.  What types of music does the bride like to listen to?  What songs can you or the bridal party think of that bring up special memories and add a special touch?
For party favors, you can select an item that relates to the theme of the shower or you can create personalized items commemorating the couple.  Popular favors include candles, candies, keepsake trinkets, beauty or spa items, and do-it-yourself sweets in mason jars.

If you have any questions about finding a bridal shower event space or planning your celebration, we’re here to help!  You can also search and find different types of event spaces in your city on HelloRSVP.