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Tips for booking the perfect meeting room
Planning a corporate meeting, team meeting, off-site, client meeting, or networking event?
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Choosing a meeting location is always one of the most important factors. Are you hosting a client meeting where you’re looking to impress? Or are you hosting a team off-site where you’re trying to get away from the office environment? Will there be activities outside of the meeting room such as going to a group dining at a restaurant or other entertainment? 

Rental Fees
Rental rates for meeting rooms, conference rooms, and event spaces usually depend upon a period of time and whether your booking is during peak hours. Some venues also offer catering and will waive rental fees if a certain food and beverage minimum is met. Make sure to also account for “set up” and “tear-down” time before and after your event. 

Audio Visual and Wifi
Does your meeting also require audiovisual services such as a projector, screen, speakers or microphone? Some meeting rooms come equipped with everything you need and include the audiovisual services as part of the rental fee, while other venues may charge an additional setup or audiovisual rental fee. For more advanced audiovisual needs, you can also consider hiring an audiovisual technician to be present during your meeting to oversee the setup and make sure everything runs smoothly. Most venues nowadays are equipped with WiFi but it’s important to check the number of simultaneous connections and bandwidth that the WiFi can handle. WiFi performance and reliability can fluctuate depending on the number of device connections. If in doubt, it may make sense to hire a third-party vendor to provide WiFi services for the duration of your meeting.

Tables, Chairs, Whiteboards and Equipment
Are you planning a brainstorm session, white boarding session, group work or a board meeting? Make sure the meeting room you’re booking has tables, chairs, whiteboards, flipcharts, or any other meeting equipment you might need. If the venue doesn’t have this equipment on-site, you can also look at renting from a vendor that provides event and party rentals.

Guest Rooms
Do you have guests that are coming from out of town or that are travelling a long distance? Provide the option for guests to stay the night. If the venue is a hotel, they usually offer sleeping rooms at a discounted rate. Alternatively, check with nearby hotels to find the best rates.

Each venue has a different set of fees, charges, and taxes which they may apply to your booking. Most of these will depend on your location and the exact configuration of your event. Remember to not only ask about the total price but also a break-down of fees so that you can make an informed decision. Every meeting room is unique and offers something different. When booking a meeting room, work closely with the catering or event manager at the venue to make sure your meeting turns out to be a success.