Party Places and Venues

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Choosing a Party Venue
Everyone has a million questions when planning an event. Are you hosting a large group of friends, a company holiday party, a seated dinner or a cocktail reception? What kind of ambiance do you envision? A large open space with a loft like feel? A party hall? Or an elegant hotel ballroom with plenty of decor? To help you answer some of these questions, we’ve put together a list of things to keep in mind.

The most important consideration of your event usually comes down to the location. If you’re looking for something stress-free, then renting a party hall or finding a restaurant may be a good option. If you’re looking for something more unique, then consider booking a private event space and even hiring a professional caterer. Do you have out of town guests? If so, hosting at a location where it’s most convenient for out-of-town visitors might make sense. Is the venue location accessible by public transportation or is there parking if your guests are driving? The key to choosing a location is to make it simple for everyone to get to. 

Keeping Venue Costs Within Budget
To keep costs within budget, consider the time of year and day of your event. Often times, there may be a premium charge added on weekend dates or during peak season. Is it possible to host your event on a less popular date? Speak with the venue to see if there are more cost-effective alternative dates.

How many people are you inviting to your party and how many do you expect to show up? Accounting for last-minute RSVP’s can always be difficult but it’s important to let the venue and caterer know ahead of time so they are well-prepared for your guests. In addition to considering the venue capacity and guest count, be sure to also research the physical size of the venue. How big is the room? Is it open and spacious? Can guests moe around comfortably? Is there a more optimal layout which can better accommodate your guests? When planning the layout of the party space, remember to allocate space to handle things such as buffet tables, a stage for entertainment or even a dance floor.

Food and Drink
Deciding on what food to serve at your party can be difficult. Do you choose dishes that are a bit more common that will please everyone? Or something more adventurous? Ask the venue about the available food services they offer such as a self-serve buffet, individual ordering or family-style shared plates. Be sure to also consider any dietary restrictions your guests may have. It’s a smart idea to also have vegan or vegetarian options available. When it comes to drinks, come up with an estimate for the number of guests that will be consuming alcohol. Are your guests more of a beer and wine crowd? Or do they prefer cocktails? If you think that your guests will consume a lot of alcohol it might make sense to opt for an open bar. 

Now that you some ideas, reach out and work closely with the venue to bring your birthday party, fundraiser, baby shower or whatever your party is, to life!