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Key Factors for Planning a Successful Private Dining Event
Are you looking for a private dining room or banquet room for a private event, group dinner, or intimate party?
If you’re looking to rent a private dining space, you can find many of them in restaurants and lounges.  You can browse all the spaces with private event rooms in your city on HelloRSVP.   
To help you plan a successful private event, we’ll walk you through all the key factors you’ll need to consider.
1.  Type of Food and Dining Experience
What type of cuisine would you like for your group?  For example, do you want Italian, Mexican, American, Chinese, or Japanese cuisine?  If you need ideas on what the group would prefer, you can set up an online poll and have each guest vote for what they prefer.  You can also have them rank their top 3 choices.
Also, consider what types of dishes you would like your guests to be served, such as seafood, steak, or local dishes?  Do you want a 3-course meal for each guest?
The private dining venue that you select can help you put together a menu or you can use their preset menus for private events.
If you’re on a limited budget:
You can consider venues such as bars and clubs as well as semi-private event spaces, which can give you more flexibility for food and beverage costs.
2.  Guest Count and Event Invitations
To get an estimated guest count, you can send each guest an e-mail invite.  In the invitation, ask your guests to note any dietary restrictions in their reply.
The number of estimated guests will also help you determine how large of a private dining space you will need.
3.  Private Dining Cost
The size of the private dining room or banquet room you’ll need and the type of menu you select will comprise the majority of the booking cost.  Other costs include service charges and taxes.
Many restaurants allow you host your special private event and won’t charge a private room rental fee as long as you meet their food and beverage minimum spend.
If you’re having a more intimate private event like a group dinner, another consideration is will the dinner cost be shared and split equally among the group? 
4.  Location and Accessibility
Consider whether you want a private dining restaurant or banquet room near where most of your guests live or do you want to choose a restaurant downtown?  Many local and downtown restaurants have private dining rooms for small to mid-sized groups.
Also, make sure the private dining venue that you select is conveniently located for your guests.  Is it is close to public transportation and parking areas? 
If public transportation options are not nearby and you’re arranging a private group gathering, are guests able to carpool?  It can be helpful to ask your guests to note if they have an extra room in their vehicle to help carpool.  You can ask them to make a note when they reply to your event invitation.
5.  Vibe, Amenities, and Seating Arrangements
Are you looking for a formal or casual setting?  Do you want a space with scenic views?  Depending on the type of special occasion you’re celebrating, you can enhance the mood you want to create by selecting an event space with complementary decor and lighting.  You can browse photos of each private venue you’re interested in.
For amenities, will you need audio visual equipment?  Do you want to be able to add your own decorations?  If so, check with the event venue for policies on decorations. 
For seating arrangements, will you have assigned seating for each guest in your private group or can guests sit anywhere in the room?
6.  Private Dining Reservation
When you make a reservation for the private room, you can ask the event space about payment policies and when they need a final group count.
We also suggest that you can arrange a tour of the private space, especially if you have a large group and need to set up for your event.  It will give you an idea of event logistics.

We hope these tips will help make your event a big success!  If you have any questions or feedback, please let us know!