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Our Top Tips on Finding an Event Venue

What type of event are you planning?
HelloRSVP has event venues for any type of event.  You can find event spaces for weddings, corporate events, parties, bridal showers, anniversaries, bar mitzvahs, group dining, and more! 
We’ve organized the venues by event category.  For example, if you are looking for a wedding venue, click “Category” on the top left of this page, underneath “Venues.”  Then, click the event category for the type of event you’re planning.  You can also further narrow down your results by clicking the “Category” button, which will show you more wedding categories.

To help you with your event space search, we’ve gathered our key tips on finding a great venue for your event.
1.  How Do I Find a Venue that Meets my Budget?
The first step is to put together the budget for your event.  Items in your budget can include venue rental, food and beverage, audio visual equipment rental, Wi-Fi services, entertainment, and event decorations. 
Let the venue coordinator know your budget, so they can work to accommodate your budget and provide recommendations on food and beverage options.  When looking at venue pricing, ask about any service charges and taxes.
During the event planning process, we also recommend that you have a few potential event dates in mind. 
Budget-Friendly Tips on Venue Rentals
  • For some venues that offer catering and beverages, the event space rental fee can be waived if you meet a specific food or beverage minimum.
  • Venue rental prices for Friday and the weekend tend to be higher than other weekdays due to demand. 
  • If you would like to lower your costs for a bar, lounge, or restaurant event space, you can choose a venue that enables you to book part of the space instead of needing to do a full buy-out. 
  • When it comes to booking an event space, if you book during the off-season when there is less demand, you are more likely to find lower venue rental costs.
2.  Food and Beverage Options for Your Event
Based on the type of event you’re hosting and the duration of event, you’ll need to consider what meal options you will provide for your guests.
The options include buffets, plated meals, appetizers, or refreshments and snacks.  For lunches, buffets and boxed lunches are popular. 
If you plan on having a bar, the options include a host bar, open bar, or a no-host bar.    
If you need food and beverages for your event, you can either go with in-house catering or an outside caterer.  For outside catering, many venues will have a list of approved or recommended caterers you can work with.  Another catering option that you might consider is food trucks.  Also, some event spaces allow you to bring your own food and beverages, but you will need to check with the on-site coordinator. 
3.  Venue Amenities and Services to Consider
You’ll also need to think about what amenities and services you’ll need.  Do you need audio visual equipment such as a projector and screen?  Will you need Wi-Fi for all your guests? 
If you’re hosting a corporate event, meeting, or conference, will your event need breakout rooms, additional meeting rooms, or a lounge?  Also, will you need lodging accommodations for attendees?
If your event includes entertainment for your guests, will you need a dance floor, stage, or special lighting?  How many tables and chairs will you need and are they included with the event space rental?
What are your on-site staffing needs for the event?  When can staff start setting up for the event and what are the event breakdown / cleanup times?
4.  Event Space Location and Ambiance:  Questions to Think About
What neighborhoods in your city do you have in mind?  Do you want the event space to be located in the heart of downtown or further away?
Is the event space near parking lots and is there enough parking for your guests?  Are there other events occurring in the area that might impact traffic for guests attending your event? 
If you’re hosting a large conference or corporate event, is the location easily accessible by public transportation? 

When selecting a venue, it is also important to think about the overall vision you have for your event and the theme.  Would you like a formal, casual, or intimate event setting?  Are you looking for an indoor or outdoor event space? 
You can search and browse venues for your city on HelloRSVP to get an idea of what types of venues are available and learn more about what they offer.  Click “All Locations” at the top of this page.  Then select your city from the drop-down menu.
You can also filter event spaces in your city by capacity size by clicking on “Guests” and selecting the number of estimated guests.  When you find a venue that you like, click on the blue “Save” button to add it to your favorites, so you can review and refer to your top choices anytime.
To find a specific style of event space on HelloRSVP, click on “Filters” and click the box under “Style” for a drop-down menu of all the styles available. 

If you have any questions about how to find your ideal event venue, please feel free to let us know!